Anonymous asked:

Katie Kallechy

frantasticsources answered:

Opinion/First Impression: Literally hate you for sending this so late sigh. Even though we aren’t close anymore, you’re still my best friend and my sister. I loved when we hung out and smelled candles for like an hour and went and got slushies and mooched off the wifi at 2am. We have so many inside jokes and you’re just my soul sister for life. Whether we talk everyday or every week, I love you more than anything in the entire world. You’ve always been there for me when everyone else has walked out and I promise you that I will never ever ever leave you. Even if I act like I don’t care, I do. You are always my #1, okay?

☾Random song from shuffle: Wild Wild Love by Pitbull

☮Who I think you fit/could fit: You are the Jenn to my Andrea